Compact inline pressure sensors with quick connection

In many branches of industry, the trend towards miniaturization of electronic parts and components with a view to saving space and resources is unbroken. A trend that does not stop at pressure and vacuum sensors. In order to meet the specific requirements in practice in this context, ipf electronic is introducing compact InLine pressure sensors. Due to their low weight of 20g or 30g and compact dimensions, the devices are predestined for applications such as those found in vacuum lifting technology.


The push-in fluid connection (4, 6 and 8mm) enables simple and quick installation, even in existing pneumatic systems. For this purpose, the compressed air hose must simply be plugged onto the quick connector and, if necessary, can be released again by pulling back a safety ring. Further connection components are therefore not required.


In addition, the switching point can be optionally set via a potentiometer or an IO-Link interface. For this purpose, the sensors have one PNP transistor switching output (with potentiometer) or two PNP transistor switching outputs (IO-Link). An integrated LED (on/off) also signals the status of the switching outputs and the operating voltage. The InLine pressure sensors are designed for operating temperatures from  -10 to +60°C and have protection class IP68. The electrical connection is made via a 4-pin M8 connector. The sensors are available with pressure ranges from -1 to 0bar, 0 to 10bar, -1 to 1bar and -1 to 10bar.


The sensor variants with IO-Link interface are parameterized exclusively via an IO-Link master (e.g. the VY000005). Here, various options are available for application-specific settings, such as switch/reset points, normally closed/normally open, hysteresis/window mode, and switch-on/switch-off delay.


Sensors with potentiometer and 1xPNP switching output

pressure range -1 … 0bar 0 … 10bar -1 … 1bar -1 … 10bar
Push-In 4mm DW044300 DW04430D DW04430J DW04430K
Push-In 6mm DW064300 DW06430D DW06430J DW06430K
Push-In 8mm DW084300 DW08430D DW08430J DW08430K


Sensors with IO-Link and 2xPNP switching output

pressure range -1 … 0bar 0 … 10bar -1 … 1bar -1 … 10bar
Push-In 4mm DW044600 DW04460D DW04460J DW04460K
Push-In 6mm DW064600 DW06460D DW06460J DW06460K
Push-In 8mm DW084600 DW08460D DW08460J DW08460K