New workplace lights and signal lights

ipf electronic has added new workplace lights and signal lights in various lengths to its portfolio. The EA300220 - EA300226 series of workplace lights as well as the EA30012E are available in seven different lengths from 206 - 1546mm with power ratings from 4 - 37W.


The lights, which are operated with 24V DC, have an M12-connector plug and daylight white light (approx. 5,500K). The beam angle of 120° ensures a wide-area illumination. The coverage of the lights in protection class IP54 are made of matt, shatterproof polycarbonate.


The new lights are suitable for almost all workplaces, but also as machine lights (without chip bombardment and use of cooling lubricants). The 558mm long EA30012E with a power of 13W is also cascadable (stackable) up to a maximum current consumption of 4A. The new EZ300420 -EZ300426 series of signal lights are also available in lengths of 206 - 1,546mm and have power ratings of 5.6W - 47.4W at 24V DC. In addition to the basic colors red, green and blue, these signal lights can also be used to generate the colors yellow, light blue, pink and white by means of various controls in order to indicate plant or machine statuses. The delivery of all lights includes two different mounting options.