Programmable flow sensor

The compact flow sensor SS500020 is a thermal flow sensor, which detects the flow velocity and the temperature (0...80°C) of water-based media in pipelines. Due to the parameterizable pipe diameter (15-250mm) and the applied flow rate, the calculated display value is shown in l/min, m³/h, m/s or °C in the 3-digit display. The easy-to-read display can be adjusted to the desired installation position and can be rotated by 180°.


The sensor is particularly impressive due to its fast response time (<1s) and high insensitivity to temperature fluctuations. For monitoring the flow condition and the temperature, the sensor has optionally two digital outputs (PNP/NPN-NO/NC + pulse) or one analog output (4-20mA), which can be programmed individually. In addition, the sensor has a teach-in input, for example to perform a quick adjustment in multi-fuel operation.


In addition, the sensor can be parameterized via IO-Link. The interface can be used not only to make settings on the device (hysteresis or window function, etc.), but also to read out process data (min. / max. / average value memory). The analysis of such data can, for example, be used for the targeted optimization of processes. To prevent unintentional or unauthorized parameterization, individual functions of the device can be locked by means of an access code.


Three different adapters with different process connections are available for mounting: 
G1/4“ AS000012
G1/2“ AS000013
G1/2“ AS000014


The flow sensor with protection class IP67 is pressure resistant up to a maximum of 60bar. The connection is made via a 4-pin M12-connector.