Visible all around

With the lights up EZ500320 and EZ500330 ipf electronic is expanding its product portfolio of signal lights.


The EZ500320 has three segments with the colors red, yellow and green. The EZ500330 consists of four segments with the colors red, yellow, green and blue. Both signal towers have an acoustic signal transducer (95dB) and can therefore visibly and audibly display and signal various system and machine conditions, e.g. interference, lack of material, expected operator intervention, etc. The housing of the signal towers is made of aluminum, the coverage is made of polycarbonate. The EZ500320 with a degree of protection of IP20 has an output of 3.8W and has a 5-pin M12-connector. Due to the fourth segment, the EZ500330 (also with degree of protection IP20) is connected using an 8-pin M12-connector - its output is 4.3W. The operating voltage is 24V diagnostic coverage.


To attach the signal towers, ipf electronic offers the mounting flange AE000032 and the mounting bracket AE000034 are available. Furthermore, the AE000033 a 120 mm extension with M30 thread is available, which can also be screwed together or extended several times.