Short and sweet

The new optical sensors in the M18 design


Optical sensors such as light barriers, reflex light barriers or diffuse reflection sensors have been components of many machines and systems for decades. The M18x1 housing design has also been tried and tested for these technologies for a long time. However, time and technical progress do not stand still when it comes to tried and tested products. This is why ipf electronic has decided to introduce a new series of optical sensors with an M18x1 threaded housing.


On closer inspection of the devices, the first thing that catches the eye is the extremely short housing. The overall length is only 37mm, which enables a very space-saving installation. The housing is flattened on two sides. This makes installation in suitable threaded bores easier, for example, and the operator's controls are also more accessible. Many customers have requested the combination of stainless steel housing and front screens made of PMMA, as this allows the sensors to be used in food processing plants, for example. All device variants are now equipped with an exclusive-OR switching output, i.e. normally closed (nc) and normally open (nc) contacts are available simultaneously. The electrical connection is made via a 4-pin M12-connector.


The optical elements are also new. The red light LEDs used are not only powerful, but are also characterized by particularly small, sharply defined light spot diameters. This not only makes installation and adjustment easier, but the diffuse reflection sensors and ranges achieved are also significantly via those of the sensors previously offered in this design.


In addition, all sensors are equipped with an IO-Link interface, which enables further application-specific parameterization. For example, the switching outputs can be switched from normally open to normally closed function and pick-up and drop-out delays can be programmed. In the through-beam sensor, the modulation frequency can also be set to prevent mutual interference when several devices are installed in parallel.



The new sensor series at a glance:


OS189020 / OE189420: Through-beam sensor, range: 25m


OR189420: Retro-reflective sensor, range: 5.5m

OT189420: Diffuse reflection sensor with intensity differentiation, sensing range: 1000mm

OT189421: Diffuse reflection sensor with background suppression, sensing range: 210mm