SlimLine LED signal lights

The EZ38-series is a new addition to the LED signal light product range from ipf electronic. It includes four lights in lengths of 140mm (EZ380220), 240mm (EZ380221), 340mm (EZ380222) and 440mm (EZ380223). Thanks to their compact dimensions, these lights are ideal for use in confined machine and system areas. The colors red, blue and green are available for visualizing various machine and process statuses by controlling individual pins.


By controlling several pins, the mixed colors yellow, light blue, white and pink can also be generated. This allows up to seven system statuses to be displayed visually.


The new LED lights with IP67 protection are supplied and controlled with 24V DC via an M12 cable connector (cable length 500mm). The housings are made of aluminum and PUR casting and are suitable for an operating temperature range of 0°C to +40°C. The beam angle is 120°. The lights have thermal overload protection and do not emit any UV or IR components. The AE000031 magnetic holder is available as a mounting accessory. (ld).