Put to the test - mechanical limit stops

Even if the trend in automation is towards contactless detection, harsh or mechanical environmental conditions mean that
it is not always possible to forego a mechanical solution. Mechanical limit value sensors were and continue to be used
frequently for such applications. Due to their specific designs, such devices are compatible in assembly only to a limited


In cases such as these, where, e.g. optical sensors do not offer a reliable solution either, tried-and-tested stop tappets from
the ipf electronic portfolio have come into play for years. With these robust metal attachment adapters for the inductive
sensors of the IB06, IB09 and IB12 series, queries in confined spaces can be solved in a simple and reliable way. The design of such a mechanical limit stop generally comprises a metric metal sleeve in M8 or M12 design, which can be screwed in or secured with a holder or bracket from the accessories program. On the stop tappet itself, an inductive sensor of the previously mentioned designs is then adapted with the appropriate holder or bracket.


Located in the stop tappet itself is a steel pin with spring return mechanism. In addition, this steel pin, which moves in the axial direction, is hardened at the front end to ensure increased resistance against wear. Because the stroke of the steel pin is limited, the sensor surface cannot be bumped into, thereby avoiding what would otherwise result in damage to the detector coil in the sensor head.


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