ipf has proven solutions

Maybe you are familiar with this scenario: An application uses a sensor solution which has proven optimal until now. Then the device becomes defective and there is no replacement available because the solution has either been completely removed from the product range or the technical specifications and possibly the design relating to the installation situation have changed due to advancements. That is why we are presenting our "classics": Sensor solutions which have proven their worth to our customers for years and are still available at ipf electronic.


OT430471 – PT430470

The optical diffuse reflection sensors have an adjustable switching distance of up to 350mm and are available with red light or laser LED including background suppression. The switching point can be adjusted very precisely using a potentiometer on the sensor. The sensors can be used in light-on or dark-on mode thanks to their exclusive-OR output.


IB080176 – IN080176

The inductive sensors with the M8x1 design feature a norm sensing range of 3 or 6mm. The devices are short-circuit protected, integrate an LED status window and can be used in a temperature range of -20°C … 75°C.



MZ070172 – MZ070174 – MZA70175

The robust cylinder sensors for T-grooves are available in different designs. The MZ070172 and the MZA70175 can be mounted from above and fastening with the 2.5 mm Allen head is extremely stable. The MZ070174, on the other hand, is mounted from the side and therefore closes flush with the cylinder. All sensors are short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected and can be connected via an M8 connector. The sensor housing is made of metal.


VL250100 – VL250120

The logic modules for top hat rail mounting are perfectly suited for logic operation of several sensors. The combination of sensor signals considerably reduces wiring effort and saves valuable PLC inputs, for example. Every signal is displayed with its own LED. The logic modules are available in the 4-fold AND or 4-fold OR versions and can be cascaded via an additional input.



The device is a capacitive sensor with the standard M8x1 design and is suited for the detection of e.g. plastics and liquids. The switching distance can be adjusted precisely between 0.1mm and 1.5mm using an integrated potentiometer. The sensor is very robust thanks to the combination of stainless steel housing and PTFE sensor head.


VK003S78 – AV000132

The M8-connector impresses with its quick and easy mounting, which is done using insulation displacement connectors, for which only the outer jacket has to be removed, for example using bevelling pliers AV000132. The individual cores are moved through a fitting sleeve and connected to the inside by closing the housing. This saves a lot of time compared to conventional connectors with screw or soldered connections.



The optical diffuse reflection sensor in the M18x1.5 version features a red light LED and background suppression, meaning color differences of the objects to be detected have almost no influence on the switching point. The sensors feature a glass lens, which is also available in a version deflected by 90° (OT180128). In addition, the sensors are also available with M12-connectors as well as with connection cables.



The inductive sensor in the all-steel housing made of stainless steel offers a correction factor of approx. 1 on aluminum, copper and brass. The device can be used both as a classic inductive sensor or as a solution with IO-Link connectivity, whereby the IO-Link interface enables simple switchover between normally closed and normally open functionality. A time delay can also be set.