The smallest of its type - gooseneck light EB180170

LED lights with gooseneck are hugely popular, both in industrial environments and private settings. With the adjustable light head, they direct the light exactly where it is needed. They enable direct illumination of a workpiece as well as indirect, glare-free illumination of a larger area.


As today's LEDs have such a high power output, the light heads are also increasingly large because the heat generated during operation needs to be dissipated. If this is not done efficiently enough, the
life of the lamp is shortened. But what if a compact solution with a smaller light head is needed?


This is precisely the type of light one of our customers was looking for. Specifically, the solution needed to be adjustable in all directions and have an outer diameter of no more than 20mm. Serving as the basis for the custom development was the proven LED machine and bench light AO000291, whose M18x1 housing precisely satisfied the described requirement. With a power of approximately
2W, the device succeeded in achieving a balance between sufficient light intensity and long life. The light is attached to a gooseneck by means of an integrated connection piece.


At the other end of the gooseneck is a stainless steel base, which features an integrated M8-connector on the side for the electrical connection and an M6 thread on the bottom. With the help of the thread, the light can, for example, be screwed into slot nuts of aluminum profiles. Mounting using magnets AY000128 or AY000129 is also possible. A nut is supplied as a counter element to allow installation to be performed independent of the depth of the threaded boring. Switching module VY062174, which was developed specifically for this solution, serves as an on/ off switch. And that's not all: The new
EB800120 light with sturdy, screwable base has a power of 9W and a 500mm gooseneck. This light replaces the previous AO000347 and AO000348, which, after nearly 10 years, are no longer produced.
A table clamp, a wall bracket as well as a powerful magnet are additionally available as accessories.