A radiating appearance – LED lamps from ipf

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have developed from ‘glowworms’ to shining stars. A few years ago LEDs were not much brighter than candles, however today they are used in many areas, no longer just as display elements, but increasingly as lighting elements. The LED lamps from ipf are especially characterized by their robustness, installation options in tough conditions, economy, compactness and longevity (service life of over 50,000 hours). Currently, the ever expanding range of LED lamps includes the following devices:


Cylinder form M18x1 LED lamp

These lamps can be mounted directly in a machine or in a switch cabinet. The AO000188 lamp has three LEDs and the angle of the reflected beam is 22°. The AO000189 lamp has only one LED and the angle of the radiated beam is 120° - i.e. a much greater area is illuminated. The color temperature of the lamps is white. Protection class IP65.


Dice shaped / longitudinally shaped LED lamp

These LED construction lights are suitable for mounting directly into machines. The AO000193 dice lamp has a circular shaped lighting geometry and the AO000194 longitudinal lamp has a diffuse lighting geometry. The lamps have an active temperature management system for protecting the LEDs. The color temperature of the lamps is ‘cold white’. Protection class IP67.


LED lamp, round Ø160mm

The construction and characteristics allow for operation in critical environments with a constant brightness, even if the operating voltage varies. With the AO000301 lamp, the angle of the radiated beam is 8° and with the AO000302 lamp, it is 38°. Active temperature management regulates the LED current if the device becomes hot. The color temperature of the lamps is cold white. Protection class IP67.


Piston shape LED lamp

Lamps with this design are ideal for long term use in machines and with the same diameter (45mm), they are available in three lengths. The AO000303 lamp has a length of 160mm, the AO000304 has a length of 420mm and the AO000305 is 600mm long. The color temperature of the lamps is daylight white. Protection class IP67.