Simply better distributed

Sensor distribution boxes have been an integral part of every plant for years. Placed at a central point, sensors can be easily connected by means of a pluggable connection cable — a bus line then leads to the control system. This saves cable and also the wiring effort is significantly less.


As with our M8 logic distributors, a new design is now also being used for M8 passive distributors. The devices are characterized by their compact dimensions. They can be mounted both from the front and the side. The full encapsulation makes the distributors even less sensitive to shocks and vibrations. All versions have an M12 plug connection for the bus cable. In the VK001101 this is an eight-pin connector, all other versions are equipped with a 12-pin plug.


The following versions are available with 3-pin M8 sockets: VK001101 (fourfold), VK001102 (eightfold) and VK001103 (tenfold). More and more new sensors are equipped with a 4-pin M8-connector. Until now, these devices could only be connected to an M8 distributor via an adapter cable (e.g. VK03A247) — thus the signal at PIN 2 (NC output or teach input) could not be used. With the VK001111, ipf now offers for the first time a distributor with four 4-pin M8 slots, so that all signals of the connected sensors can be used. The bus cable is also connected here via a 12-pin M12-connector.