First fully electronic dual logic module

The logic modules from ipf electronic have already been available for more than 20 years. Devices that logically link the outputs of several sensors and thus help to significantly reduce both the need for control inputs and the wiring effort.


It all began with the VL25 modules, compactly packed in small housings for DIN rail mounting with screw terminal connection. The next development step were the VL60 logic distributors with M12 slots. Later, the VL30 was followed by the M8 boxes. These only underwent comprehensive optimization last year and have since been available as VL31 in various versions. Following the motto „less is more", the VL150102 is now the first fully electronic dual logic module on the market. The outputs of the two connected sensors are AND-linked, i.e. the switching output of the distributor only becomes active when the switching outputs of both sensors are switched on simultaneously.


Although such devices were already available in a similar design (e.g. VK000051), they connect the connected devices in series via internal wiring. The switching output of the first sensor must therefore switch on the operating voltage of the second sensor - depending on the voltage drop or starting current, this can lead to unsafe switching behavior. Particularly with controls that require a certain voltage level, such a series connection can sometimes be a knock-out criterion.


The electronics of the VL150102, however, ensure that clean signals are applied to the controller — as if only one sensor was connected. The switching status of the output is indicated by an LED, which is clearly visible thanks to the transparent housing. The distance between the two M8 sockets is so large that there is siufficient space for two field attachable plugs. With the integrated mounting hole, the module can be mounted easily and securely. The new device offers more flexibility, for example, in combination with other logic modules (e.g. VL31): The AND-linked signal can thus be OR-linked with other signals.