It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it!

When things get really dirty, high-performance light barriers from ipf work reliably and precisely.


ipf electronic has developed high-performance light barriers especially for applications where conventional light barriers reach their limits. Shavings, dust, flour, oil and wastewater are no obstacle for these systems. The high-performance light barriers are therefore ideal for use in the timber and paper industry, car washes, elevators, outdoor gate control systems, bulk material controls and the food industry. The through-beam sensors each consist of a transmitter and receiver as well as an amplifier.


The operating principle is based on invisible infrared light, which owing to its wavelength of 880nm has extremely good penetration properties. If the light beam between the transmitter and receiver is interrupted, the status of the switching output integrated in the amplifier changes. The transmitters and receivers are available as an M12 round version (Ø10mm) or as cuboid solutions with cable or M8/M12-connector and also with various cable lengths. Depending on the device type, the high-performance light barriers have a maximum range of up to 60m. As the optics of the devices have a wide angle of beam spread, the light barriers can be mounted extremely easily and aligned with each other without problem.