Flexible mounting system for sensors

In today's mechanical engineering or plant construction, nothing would be possible without sensors. Light barriers, diffuse reflection sensors, inductive or capacitive proximity switches or even ultrasonic sensors can be found wherever parts need to be checked for presence or position.


Just as important as the sensor itself is the right mounting. An incorrectly mounted device can result in erroneous operation or possibly even production downtime. To enable exact and flexible installation of sensors, the product portfolio now includes an individually configurable mounting system. The system consists of an aluminum pipe with a diameter of 12mm that can be delivered in lengths of 200mm (AY000159) and 500mm (AY000160). There are also a number of clamp holders with which the tubes can be securely fastened. For foot clamp holder AY000161 and clamp holder AY000163, magnet
AY000162 is also available using which the mounting construction can easily be secured to a magnetic machine part. Attachment clamp holder AY000164 is equipped with an M6 internal thread.


Stainless steel mounting brackets AY000168 - AY000171 can be fastened to this for designs M8, M12, M18 and M30. Also available is mounting bracket AY000172. This is delivered without fastening bores and can thus be adapted individually. In addition, the already familiar universal mountings with ball head, e.g. AY000120, can be mounted to attachment clamp holder AY000164.