Inductive proximity switches grow with their tasks

With requests for devices for the reliable detection of metallic objects, we usually recommend inductive sensors. And for good reason, as there is simply no more reliable and robust solution than this proven technology if the installation conditions apply to a specific application.


In order to use inductive sensors even at high ambient temperatures, ipf electronic offers a wide range of devices whose maximum permissible ambient temperature far exceeds the typical temperature of around +80°C. Heat exposure on electronic components, particularly semiconductor technology, usually has negative effects: The service life of the devices shortens, which quickly leads to total failure in the event that the permissible ambient temperature is greatly exceeded. But even if it is only slightly exceeded, you have to battle with increasing internal resistance, generally known as "temperature drift".


However, ipf electronic offers inductive sensors which can be used at ambient temperatures of up to +120°C (M8 design) and +150°C (M12 design) without having to disconnect the sensitive electronics from the actual sensor. Solutions in larger designs operate very reliably even up to +180°C. And for applications in which temperature resistance of up to +230°C is required, there are solutions in the M18 design. In this two-part system, the temperature-sensitive electronics are located in a separate amplifier.


A big advantage for practical use of these devices: The cable lengths can be selected individually, whereby the user can shorten the pre-wired lines as needed. This makes it possible to reach line lengths of up to 25 meters.