Compact air flow sensor

Compressed air is one of the most widely used resources in industry. Since its generation causes immensely high energy costs, compressed air consumption plays an increasingly important role. However, costs in this regard can only be reduced sustainably if the actual consumption of compressed air is recorded with an air flow sensor. Since such devices require a sufficiently dimensioned inlet and outlet section to gene-
rate a calmed (laminar) flow in order to achieve usable measurement results, the installation of „standard solutions" is often difficult because the necessary installation space is simply lacking on existing systems.


The flow sensors of the SL890021 - SL950021 series continuously record the exact compressed air consumption at individual machines or plants and thus also identify possible leaks not only within pipelines but also at hose lines and connections. A special feature of the devices is the integrated flow straightener, which not only makes the sensors very compact, but also means that they do not require an inlet and outlet section (from G 1/2"). The solutions are available with connections from G ¼" - G 2".


The display of the current as well as the total consumption can be set via two buttons and visualized via an easy-to-read display. In addition, the sensors offer various interfaces for connection to any higher-level control system.


The devices already have a pulse and 4-20mA interface ex works. Optionally, they can be connected with Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP, the latter being available as Ethernet as well as Power over Ethernet variant. An M-Bus variant is also avail-able as a further interface option. The potential applications of these compact sensors are versatile, making them true all-rounders. In addition to consumption, the devices can also display temperature, flow and speed in various units ex works. The solutions can be used not only for air, but also for various (other) gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen.

A pressure measurement function for the range 0...16bar is also available as an option. In short, the flow sensors of the SL890021 - SL950021 series are compact, can be connected to any control system, can be used for air and various other gases, and offer the user a high degree of application flexibility thanks to various measurement variables.