Magnetic sensors – Perfect integration even in harsh environments

Magnetic sensors are frequently used in industry and building automation, especially where inductive sensors reach their limits. Despite their small size, the devices have a high switching distance and can therefore be perfectly integrated in all conceivable applications. Further plus points: The sensors operate without contact and are therefore completely wear-free.


There are many potential applications for magnetic sensors: e.g., sensing the speed of conveyor belts or gear wheels, position monitoring of lifting devices, sensing the angle of inclination or checking the alignment or position of a magnet. Especially for these applications, ipf electronic has developed the sensors of MC080180 and MC080185, with which the north and south poles of magnets can be differentiated. This unambiguous differentiation makes it possible to determine precisely whether a magnet mounted on an object to be queried is in the correct position and orientation. Thus, two different positions, for example on a linear axis, can be clearly identified. Faultless operation is guaranteed even if the magnet to be scanned is heavily contaminated, but also if it is located behind a non-magnetizable material, such as non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, plastic, wood, etc. The sensing distance depends on the strength of the magnetic field, which is determined by the material and the size of the magnet.


The slim and robust sensor housing in size M8 (length 59mm) contains the complete electronics. In addition to the housing, the sensor surface is also made of VA, which means that the IP67-rated devices can withstand even oily and humid environmental conditions. The solutions are suitable for operating temperatures from -25°C to +75°C. Connection is made via an industry-standard 3-pin M8-connector with integrated LED indicator. The switching frequency is 500Hz. The magnetic sensitivity of the devices is approximately 10mT.