Some like it harsh and variable

IB1201K0 / IB1804K0 / IB3004K0

They feel at home under extremely harsh and variable environmental conditions – the atmospheric-
change resistant inductive sensors from ipf electronic. The housings are made of resistant V4A, the sensor surface of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly known as Teflon), the seal between sensor cap and housing is made of Viton and the cable sheath is manufactured from FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene). These materials are characterized by a high chemical resistance, whereby the sensors, in combination with the high protection class IP69K, also withstand more aggressive cleaning processes
with strong exposure to water without damage. They are also pressure-proof to 10bar and have a maximum switching frequency of 1kHz. The sensors can be used at maximum ambient temperatures of 120°C instead of the typical 70°C.


The switching distances of the individual designs are in the range typical for inductive sensors. Starting with the M18 version, the sensors feature an exclusive-OR output function, i.e. the normally-open and normally- closed function are available simultaneously.


And, because ipf electronic's portfolio is constantly being expanded, versions with 5 or 10m cable are now also available in addition to the 2m cable versions.


Take a look at the product video for this sensorseries: