New, fully eletectronic two-way logic modules

The linking of digital signals directly on plants and machines can contribute significantly to reduce the amount of work
and thus costs. The linking of various signals directly in the field prevents long lines, decreases wiring work and also reduces
the need for control inputs.

 The logic modules from ipf electronic have been on the market now for over 20 years. From compact module type VL25 for top hat rail mounting to the VL60 series with M12 slots and the VL31 series with M8 slots, the product line includes the right solution for nearly every application. In 2020, the first fully electronic two-fold logic modules VL150102 (2-fold AND) and VL150122 (2-fold OR) were successfully added to the product portfolio. Thanks to the compact and robust design, the devices are very versatile. The electronics ensure that "clean" signals are present at the control unit – as if just one sensor were connected. The switching state of the output is signaled by an LED that is clearly visible thanks to the transparent housing. The sensor-side connection with a line and corresponding connector is performed using a 3-pin M8 socket. The integrated fastening bores enable the modules to be mounted easily and securely.


To be even more flexible in the future, four additional devices have been added to the product family of logic distributors.
New are the VL160102 (2-fold AND) and the VL160122 (2-fold OR). On the sensor side, the logic modules feature two, 3-pin
M8 sockets. The connection is realized by means of an M12-connector. The VL170102 (2-fold AND) and VL170122 (2-fold
OR) devices have a 3-pin M12-connection at both ends.


When combined with other logic modules such as the VL31 and VL60, the new devices offer even more flexibility. It is then possible to, e.g. OR-link AND-linked signals with other signals or create additional signal inputs.