New selector for high-performance light barriers

For some time now, our company has had the desire to present the possible device combinations for our high-performance light barriers, consisting of a selection of transmitters, receivers and amplifiers, in a more comprehensible way with a view to concrete applications for visitors of our website


The reason: The many possible combinations of the individual devices may result in different ranges, which is important depending on the application, since the range can determine the success or falure of a query. Within the range spectrum of our high-performance light barriers between 7 and 70 meters, up to 5440 combinations are possible. If a transmitter with high power is selected because a correspondingly high
range is desired, then the selection of the wrong amplifier can throttle the power and thus the range of the light barrier.


Even with an oversized combination of transmitter, receiver and amplifier, one is not necessarily on the safe side, since the object to be detected deflects the infrared light of the light barrier, depending on the material and material thickness, or the infrared light simply penetrates the object.


In order to make the selection of high performance light barriers much easier in the future, we (in cooperation with the web designers of mmh kommunikationsagentur from Lüdenscheid) have developed a method based on our proven product selector, with which you can filter out the suitable combination and thus individual solution for you from the possible selection of devices. Basically, all you have to do is enter the range of the high-performance light barrier you want.


An intelligent filter then displays the suitable combinations of transmitter, receiver and amplifier in the product selector. Additional criteria can then be used to further refine the selection, leaving a manageable number of device combinations from which you can choose the ideal solution