Don't touch, just move!

In times of Corona and the associated distance and hygiene measures, ipf electronic can support you in the automatic opening of doors and gates with suitable sensor solutions that function completely contact-free. Radar motion detectors and sensors are mounted at a height of at least 2m. A later change of the setting parameters is therefore only possible with climbing aids. Therefore, when ordering, you should also think about the AR000001 remote control, with which the devices can be programmed quickly and conveniently.



I RT550900 for all industrial doors

The RT550900 radar motion detector may be small in size, but its detection range and variable applications are all the greater. Due to its radar antenna, which can be adjusted in two axes, the RT550900 can be mounted in different positions above or next to a door. Mounting on adjacent walls is also possible, so that the sensor „looks" at the passage to be monitored at an angle of 90°, for example.


The general detection field is 6m x 10m, whereby the mounting height can be between 2m and 6m. From a mounting height of 4.5m, the BOOST function should be activated by means of a DIP switch inside the sensor to achieve maximum detection reliability. Next to the DIP switch are the push buttons for setting the field size and sensitivity. In addition, the push buttons can be used to specify whether the RT550900 should detect objects with or without direction detection.


The plastic housing is simply opened with a screwdriver for mounting or adjustment. Since the housing of the RT550900 is designed in protection class IP64 and the device is suitable for ambient temperatures from -30° C to +60°C, the radar motion detector can also be used outdoors.



I RT710905 for the control of hall doors

Already many years in the ipf portfolio, but still up-to-date: the radar sensor RT710905. Due to its weatherproof housing (IP65) and an ambient temperature range of -30°C to 60°C, it is particularly suitable for outdoor use for controlling hall doors. The integrated metal mounting bracket allows easy adjustment of the detection area in 15° steps (detection field 4x2m). Both wall and ceiling mounting at heights between 2m and 3.5m are possible. For a larger detection/mounting area, the RT710900 radar sensor is recommended (detection field 4x5m, mounting height 3.5m - 7m).


The radar sensors of the RT71 series have an operating voltage range of 12-24V AC/DC; the switching output is designed as a relay contact. Programming is carried out directly via the buttons integrated in the housing, whereby the detection of persons can be masked out in order to detect only vehicles. Other special features of the radar sensors include selectable detection of the direction from which objects are approaching and a variable hold time of the output signal for gate control.

The video about the product: Radar sensor for the control of hall doors



I RO570900 with large detection field

Another variant in a different design is the RO570900 radar sensor, which was designed for installation directly above doors or gates. A special feature: the sensor does not only detect objects and persons approaching, but also has a presence detection function.


The device thus detects whether there is still an object or person in the passage area when the door/gate is open. This is particularly useful in heavily frequented passage areas with cross traffic, where goods are sometimes „parked" for a short time and therefore not moved. In this case, the door remains open until the passage is free again, with an additional safety function preventing unwanted closing of the door. This safety curtain (max. 3.5m x 0.5m) with adjustable width and distance from the passage area can - depending on the ambient light - also be visualized for everyone by light spots pointing to the floor.


The detection field for moving objects is 4.5m x 2.5m, the mounting height is 2m to 4m. The sensitivity and additionally the hold time of the output signal are freely selectable. The operating voltage is 12-24V AC/DC; the output is designed as a relay contact.


The video about the product: Radar sensor with large detection field