Yet more flexibility for new universal mountings

In the last edition 04/2011 of ipf info, we presented the new universal mountings, in each case consisting of one basic module a retention plate. There are six different retention plates for a total of 18 different sensor housing designs. The basic module has a M6 thread and for example, it can be screwed into sliding blocks for profiled aluminum sections.


But what can be done, if there is no profiled section available at the desired point, or if you want to try out the sensor at a different position?

For this, there are now two new magnetic clamps into which a M6 thread is integrated. The AY000128 holder consists of a robust steel housing with a diameter of 47mm, into which the magnet is integrated. The holder is simply fixed to a steel surface. As nothing has to be screwed or stuck, the unit can of course be moved.

What if the surface is painted and shouldn't be scratched? For this there is the 66 mm diameter AY000129 holder. The magnet is located in a rubber housing which protects the painted surface. As such, subsequent to and fro movements are no problem, however this requires some effort. Finally, the devices should not move along the surface in case of possible vibrations. In a vertical direction to the surface, the stripping force is 180N for both holders.


For M18x1 design devices, the magnetic holders are of particular interest in connection with the AY000117 universal holder. With it, it is possible to also mount our new AO000188 (light emission 20°) or AO000189 (light emission 120°) white light lamps. Such a combination can for example, be used for the temporary lighting of switch cabinets or in the repairing of machines.