Oldies but Goldies …

...does not only apply to good music or exciting classic cars. We are a little proud to present here some sensors that have been in the ipf portfolio for a long time, yet which still allow reliable solutions in different process applications


Would you like a little more? Switching distance, for example? The IB08017H inductive sensor offers this added value. Compared to a standard sensor of this design with switching distance Sn: 1.5mm, the IB08017H has a range of 4mm. This means that this inductive sensor can be used in applications in which large distances to the object to be detected must be worked with and also in confined installation conditions, in which large switching distances of an actually larger sensor design are required.


Due to the drastically increased switching distance, this sensor, despite its flush design, can only be installed in a quasi-flush manner in metallic carrier material, i.e. it must protrude slightly (exact specification in the data sheet) in order not to be pre-attenuated by the surrounding metal. In the meantime, a so-called Super-Plus series is available, consisting of the 4round, M5, M8 and M12 designs in cable and connector versions