OTQ9 – the smallest products with background suppression

As small as a fiber optic head, but full of the finest technology – those are the small diffuse reflection sensors from the OTQ9 series.


The devices are characterized by a switching distance of up to 60 mm. The switching point is set with a teach routine which is executed via the integrated teach button or the white core of the connection cable. The user therefore has the choice between static and dynamic teaching, where dynamic teaching is particularly well-suited for safe detection of objects which quickly pass the detection range of the sensors.


The red light LED is used as a transmitting element whose light spot is small and sharply delineated so that even small objects can be detected.


Internal evaluation is done via a photodiode array which enables exact adjustment throughout the entire detection range as well as excellent color independence. The electrical connection is made via a standard 4-pin M8 cable connector. We recommend mounting kits AO000092 or AY000116 for safe and easy mounting.


There are two devices to choose from: The OTQ90170 with cable outlet on the bottom or the OTQ90175 with cable outlet at the rear.