Sensors with IO-Link

IO-Link is not a bus system but a manufacturer-independent, and secure point-to-point connection for sensors and actuators. Nothing about our sensors has changed apart from the IO-Link interface. Thus, they can be inserted as usual. With one particular feature: The IO-Link interface makes our devices intelligent as they can communicate with superior control units and hence can be parameterized in part during running operation or supply additionally valuable process, diagnosis and device data for manufacturing automation.


The potential is enormous: higher system availability and transparency in highly automated manufacturing processes as well as sustainable savings, inter alia through targeted process optimization and the use of status-orientated maintenance strategies to name but a few examples.


An IO-Link system only requires a few components:

I  IO-Link master

I  IO-Link device (e.g. sensor)

I  Connection cable (standard 3 line sensor cable)

I  Configuration tool (parameterization software for IO-Link master)




I  Cost-efficient standardization of sensors

I  Simple device change system through Plug & Play

I  Efficient communication through a single manufacturer-independent system

I  Intelligent sensors that supply additional diagnostic information

I  Direct modification of system parameters during operation

I  Problem-free wiring without requiring great effort or special requirements