As small as a match, but as effective as a lighter

With its optical OTQ4 series, ipf demonstrates what can be achieved when compromises are made in order to significantly improve other device characteristics.


The switching distance of these very compact sensors is fixed, which enables extremely precise background suppression while at the same time providing optimum contrast behavior. The sensors should certainly not be underestimated because of their size: When in their comfort zone, they switch at the thickness of a sheet of white paper. And because the optical diffuse reflection sensors can be hidden away nearly anywhere, they can also be implemented in applications in more hostile environments. If, for example, the sensor is installed in an aluminum profile, you no longer have to worry that parts which may have gone astray during the production process, could destroy the sensor. Ultimately, this saves time and money.


To evaluate the sensor signals, versions are available with normally-open behavior (OTQ40170) or inverted (OTQ40270). These versions can be integrated into the control unit via a 4-pin, 200mm long cable connector. For applications where distances are short, there is the OTQ40100, which is equipped with a 2m long PVC cable. To extend the number of potential applications, the sensors are also available with switching distances of 30 and 50mm. The principle of "less is more" applies here.