Door closed - save energy and money!

Permanently rising energy costs make it increasingly important for companies to think seriously about ways to reduce their energy bills. Open industrial doors, for example, allow a huge amount of heat to escape resulting in extremely high cost. The building must then be heated again, which consumes a great deal of energy. Doors that close automatically can make a decisive contribution to cutting energy cost. The radar sensors of the RT55, RT71 and RO71 series from ipf electronic provide the perfect solution. The radar sensors of the RT55 and RT71 series detect the movement of persons and/or industrial trucks, whereby industrial doors can then be opened and closed automatically depending on the given situation. The radar sensors are insensitive to soiling and can detect objects based on their direction of movement so that the opening cycles of the doors can be optimized. It is also possible to mask persons so that the sensors only react when vehicles approach. Furthermore, potential disturbing influences caused by moving objects (e.g. tree branches) in the detection range can be eliminated using the setting options of the radar sensors.


The RT55 and RT71 radar sensors are supplied with a 10m connection cable and have a relay output. In addition to the radar system, the RO71 sensor also has optical presence detection to monitor the area in front of the door in order to prevent contact with vehicles or objects when the door closes. A relay with voltage-free change-over contact is available both for the optical system and for the radar unit. The maximum switching voltage is 42V AC/DC, and the maximum switching capacity is 30W (DC) and 48VA (AC).


The optional remote control AR000001 allows convenient setting and adjustment of the radar sensors.