Our new building in impressive figures

Having already reported extensively on ipf‘s new building and the energy concept in two articles, we would now like to present you some figures on the former construction site - and they are quite impressive.


The basis for the new company building is formed by approximately 2,460 tons of in-situ concrete with more than 16 tons of reinforcing steel in the foundations and the floor slab. On top of this are 835 precast concrete elements such as columns, floor slabs, beams and parapet slabs made of more than 3,000 tons of concrete reinforced with more than 167 tons of reinforcing steel.


Although the quantity may seem a lot in itself, it is surprisingly little material when measured against the size of the building. For example, by designing the floor slabs as „hollow-chamber prestressed concrete" precast elements, it was possible to save up to 50 percent in material and thus also in weight. The almost 3,000 square meters of the building‘s exterior walls are distributed over 1,550 square meters of facade and 1,450 square meters of window area. In addition, there are over 6,400 square meters of built-up area around the building.


This compares to 6225 square meters of interior drywall, more than 6000 square meters of floor area and over 4100 square meters of suspended ceiling area. Taken together, this is equivalent to the area of two soccer fields with roofing and stands - in other words, plenty of space for our team to perform convincingly. In addition, more than 14,500 square meters of surface were painted, in some cases several times, so that our corporate colors are clearly visible.


More than 62 kilometers of cable were required to distribute the power to supply the electrical consumers in the building. A duplex cable network equivalent to 40 kilometers was laid for data transmission.


Last, but not least, fire alarm and intrusion detection lines with a total length of 27.5 kilometers ensure security. This could be used to connect all the old sites and supply your energy and security technology with voltage, and communication.