When it should be more!

ipf electronic has expanded its portfolio of camera auxiliary lights and introduces new high-power variants with the ER1Dxxxx ring lights and the ES46xxxx spot lights, which convince with homogeneous illumination of the working area even at larger working distances.


The special high-power LEDs have a higher output of up to 16W and bundle the light with focusing lenses, resulting in an exit angle of approximately 20° for the ring lights and approximately 13° for the spot lights. The maximum working distance can be up to 750mm. The ring lights are available in protection class IP54.


The new lights are optionally offered with white light (color temperature 5000K), red light (wavelength 625nm) and infrared light (wavelength 850nm). Via the 5-pin M12 connector, the lights can also be used directly with the VK06F003 junction boxes in continuous mode or VK06F004 in flash mode together with the cameras of the


series with internal flash controller. In flash mode, the power of the lights can also be doubled again.


The VK06F001 (continuous mode) and VK06F002 (flash mode) cable sockets are available for the standard lights with M8 plug-in connection for this purpose.


For mounting the ring lights ER1Dxxxx and the long-proven ER1Bxxxx as well as the dark field lights EF75xxxx, ipf electronic offers the new holders AO000653 and AO000654.


The universal mounting system from ipf electronic (e.g. AY000173) is recommended for mounting the spotlights.