Protected and good.

We have diverse treatments in place to protect against environmental influences or unauthorized access, with which products are coated or sealed in line with the requirements.

Compound in hot melt - low pressure method

This compound technique is a procedure for processing thermoplastic, polyamide-based hot melts as a granulate. The granulate is melted and, using a low pressure method, injected into a tool molding, in which the electronic module has already been fixed. To protect the components low pressure from 2 bar upwards is used. The processing temperature is momentarily approx. 200 °C. The injection molding tools are generally made of aluminum and can be produced quickly and cost-effectively using an inexpensive procedure.

Compound in the potting procedure

Sealing compounds containing one or two components are dosed and poured into the housing using a valve. These compounds can range from soft-flexible to high strength, filled or unfilled, transparent or colored. Depending on the requirement, we use cold and warm hardening compounds with different chemical compositions: epoxide resin, polyurethane, silicone and ceramic sealing compounds.