ultrasonic sensors


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sensor ultrasch M12x1/79lang,teach,VA
10-30V DC,100mA,Sn:25-200,M12-St4pol

ultrasonic sensors UT120320

Ultrasonic sensors are non-contact and wear-free position switches which can also be used under rough environmental conditions. A key advantage of these devices lies in the fact that the material and the surface characteristics of the objects to be detected can be almost anything. Solids, liquids, grainy materials and powdery materials can be identified without the shape or the color of the object having any influence to the measured result. In addition, the ability to detect transparent materials such as films and fluids is of particular importance. The shape and color of the objects do not influence the result of the detection. The capability to detect transparent films or liquids is also of special importance. Ultrasonic sensors are used for distance measurement (e.g. detection of diameters, loop control), for fill level detection (e.g. silo detection), for positioning and presence detection (e.g. glass pane positioning, film tear check, glass bottle detection)

Mechanical features

Housing material
Stainless steel
Thread size, metric
Housing design
Cylinder, screw-thread
Ambient temperature
-20 - 70°C
Thread pitch
Degree of protection (IP)

Electrical features

Voltage type
Number of switching outputs
Type of switching output
Supply voltage
10 - 30V
Sensing range
25 - 200mm
Max. output current
Type of electrical connection
Connector M12
Type of switching function
Measuring range length
25 - 200mm
Sound outlet

Accessories UT12

Cable sockets M12 4-wire

Cable sockets M12-socket M12-connector 4-wire

Cable sockets M12 4-pin field attachable

Cable sockets M12 5-wire with LED

Power supply 24V DC / 100mA switching amplifier

Adapter M12 socket 4-pin / M8 connector 4-pin

Fixing material for UT12

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eClass 9.127272803
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