Tailored to your application

Our name is synonymous with experience in the development and manufacture of electronic components for industrial automation. We also specialize in electronics development, the assembly of electronic products and laser marking. Experience, which allows us to offer a comprehensive service program for all disciplines from development through to series production. Our know-how is used for complete projects as well as for individual project phases and steps. We develop and manufacture series and customized products for industrial automation at our Altena headquarters.


Nothing from the shelf.

Depending on the task at hand, we implement the ideas presented to us successfully and reliably develop existing designs more efficiently or specifically. This ensures a minimization and optimization of the project planning, production and assembly costs. Our qualified staff is supported by high-grade technical equipment to manufacture design and working models as well as prototypes, housings, test equipment and tools. This involves drawing on our years of experience in the design and construction of electronic components and on customized housings. Our range of services in the design sector includes:

  • The acquisition of available 2D or 3D data
  • Mechanical construction with modern CAD systems
  • Digital prototyping
  • CNC-supported model construction with a wide variety of materials


When things get tight.

The ipf electronic gmbh also operates as a manufacturing service provider for customers in a wide variety of industries on the German market. ipf is a competent OEM partner in the manufacture of components, modules or complete devices. Meticulous planning and production checks give us the freedom to react to short-term requirements immediately. Our production area is supported by the latest technology and devices as well as a continuous logistical concept from the moment the order is placed through to delivery. As requested, we label your product with a serial number, which guarantees that each single device can be traced. We have diverse techniques for identification, for example labeling, pad printing or laser marking. Our service range in production includes:

  • Identification
  • Line assembly
  • Assembly production
  • Assembly
  • das Packaging of your products

We deliver products that have been tested and are ready for dispatch and assembly, with documentation, parts lists and all test protocols on request – even when our clients are experiencing production bottlenecks.


Protected and good.

We have diverse treatments in place to protect against environmental influences or unauthorized access, with which products are coated or sealed in line with the requirements.

Compound in hot melt - low pressure method

This compound technique is a procedure for processing thermoplastic, polyamide-based hot melts as a granulate. The granulate is melted and, using a low pressure method, injected into a tool molding, in which the electronic module has already been fixed. To protect the components low pressure from 2 bar upwards is used. The processing temperature is momentarily approx. 200 °C. The injection molding tools are generally made of aluminum and can be produced quickly and cost-effectively using an inexpensive procedure.

Compound in the potting procedure

Sealing compounds containing one or two components are dosed and poured into the housing using a valve. These compounds can range from soft-flexible to high strength, filled or unfilled, transparent or colored. Depending on the requirement, we use cold and warm hardening compounds with different chemical compositions: epoxide resin, polyurethane, silicone and ceramic sealing compounds.


Give Products a name.

A product only attains its identity when it has been labeled! We are happy to carry out professional laser marking, whether it is an individual manufacture or series labeling. We carry out laser engraving efficiently, precisely and at a reasonable price, based on customer requirements. Non-contact labeling of the objects with a laser ensures that the parts are not subjected to mechanical loads. The inscription is permanent, forgery-proof and resistant to abrasion. In an aggressive environment in particular, such as dirt, humidity or high temperatures, there are clear advantages compared to other methods of labeling. Characters and numeric sequences, for example serial numbers, can be inscribed as well as graphics, barcodes or company logos using a powerful control unit. A wide variety of materials can be labeled such as metals, precious metals, anodized and varnished surfaces, plastics and others.