ipf publishes sustainability report

Important issues such as climate change, resource consumption, environmental pollution and human rights violations are increasingly becoming the focus of society and politics. These issues are important cornerstones of sustainability that affect everyone, including companies. Most sustainability goals correspond to human rights, as e.g. raw materials that are extracted under inhumane conditions often find their way into products manufactured by companies, which should be avoided at all costs.



Since 2017, sustainability reporting has been mandatory for certain large companies in Germany and the EU. In January 2023, the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) came into force, which is linked to a corresponding reporting obligation for the previous year from 2024, i.e. initially for the 2023 financial year. The directive will therefore also have far-reaching consequences for medium-sized companies.



Although we are not yet obliged to prepare a sustainability report, we decided last year to do so voluntarily from 2023 for the 2022 financial year in order to demonstrate our commitment to society and the environment. In this sense, we want to lead the way and be a pioneer among medium-sized companies when it comes to sustainability.


A quote in our sustainability report states:


"With our wide variety of products, high level of problem-solving expertise and strong service orientation, we are unique as a top supplier of industrial sensor technology. Sustainability is not only an outstanding trend of our time, but above all an awareness of the responsible use of the resources available to us. Our efforts are aimed at a future for our company, our customers and society that is characterized by sustainability. We can only achieve this goal by joining forces, partnerships and cooperation."


(Dirk Neuhaus, Managing Director)



The sustainability report of ipf electronic gmbh can be found here:

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