Promote health, increase well-being, improve competence

I am Katrin Hohage and have been an administrator in the HR department at ipf electronic since 2019. Since October 2022, my team and I have been focusing on a specific area of occupational health management (OHM). But what exactly is BGM? And what tasks, but also wishes and suggestions, are associated with it in connection with my work?


Involving everyone on a long-term and continuous basis

The three statutory pillars of occupational health and safety, integration management and health promotion form the basis for occupational health management.

OHM therefore encompasses all areas that can influence the health of employees in a company. Our holistic goal here is to maintain and promote the health, performance and success of all employees (at both a private and professional level). To this end, we plan and manage various measures and monitor their success - systematically, goal-oriented and on an ongoing basis. As the goals set here cannot be achieved within a few months or a year, it is important to involve all employees on a long-term and continuous basis.


A good mix

As already mentioned, I have been primarily dedicated to workplace health promotion since fall 2022, whereby I also like to interpret the abbreviation BGM as "Conscious, Healthy, Together".

I was happy to take on this task because health is an important part of our lives and I always find it interesting to learn something new about the topic in my private life too. I therefore welcome the opportunity to motivate my colleagues and promote their health through appropriate measures. This is certainly not only in the interests of each individual, but also of the company as a whole, and is therefore a good mix.


Well-being, trust and competence

In order to promote health, we at ipf electronic are not only interested in reducing sick days for employees or supporting and strengthening their motivation, but also in increasing their well-being, creating confidence to change their behavior and improving their health-related skills.

Here are some examples of what we mean by this:


Enhancing wellbeing...

... not only by making healthy fruit and drinks available to all employees free of charge every day, but also, for example, by improving the working atmosphere and thus team spirit. Ergonomic workstations, which we have been providing for a long time, also promote a healthy posture and therefore well-being.


Creating trust for changes in behavior... sensitizing and activating everyone in the company to particularly health-promoting behaviours. Through positive feedback, we also want to motivate everyone to "keep going".


Improve competence in the area of health... familiarizing employees with the key factors influencing good health and teaching managers how health can be promoted through the right balance between freedom and leadership.


However, these and many other goals can only be achieved if my team and I receive active support and all employees actively participate in the planned measures, activities and surveys.


Health concerns us all, because it is an important guarantee for the success of a company. We at ipf electronic have recognized this and will therefore continue to work on it together in the future.