Thrilling duels, team spirit and the ability to lead properly

This year, a total of 14 department heads met at the Hotel Platte in Attendorn from September 26 to 29.


After arriving and being welcomed at the hotel, the first day was spent traveling by covered wagon to the venue, the Ü-NN-Hall in Attendorn. It is part of a hall complex on a 20,000 square meter industrial site that has not been used for decades. Former changing rooms and canteen rooms now serve as a spacious event venue with a very special industrial flair, with the former workers' changing lockers being used to flexibly vary the room size of 800 square meters in total.


The event agency Bash-Boom-Bang was hired to prepare the kick-off event, investing a great deal of time and creativity to ensure that such events become unforgettable experiences for the participants.

Once again, the concept was a complete success, as the department heads not only had to show their team spirit in exciting individual and group duels, but also demonstrate their speed, knowledge and skill in a wide variety of games.


Freshly motivated from the previous day, the participants learned a lot of interesting facts about "team development" in a workshop held by Michael Ullrich the next day. The coach by conviction knows only too well from more than 20 years of leadership experience that the tasks of managers in a constantly changing world of work have become more diverse and more demanding.

In this context, the workshop not only addressed important questions (e.g: How do you build trust in a team? Which values are important and valuable for a team? What expectations do my employees have and what do I have?), but also provided some fundamental insights that are useful for day-to-day work, e.g: What is clear to me does not have to be clear to my counterpart. Or: What I think, my counterpart can't hear.

The workshop ended in the afternoon, certainly with many new ideas and valuable tips, so that all participants still had enough time for wellness, a short hiking tour and joint discussions.

At the end of the three-day event, all participants met for a joint working session to discuss internal company issues.