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When it comes to color detection and evaluation, no one can fool us that easily, because the color sensor series from ipf electronic was specially developed for "true color" detection ("seeing colors like humans"). The color sensors integrate all necessary components and are parameterized simply by mouse click with the extremely powerful and, above all, free software included in the scope of delivery. Devices with digital outputs are available, which make the identification or differentiation of up to 31 colors possible without any problems, and this with a switching frequency of up to 35kHz. For maximum flexibility, sensors with analog outputs complete the portfolio.

Typical applications:

Color control of anodized surfaces

Differentiation between brushed and unbrushed stainless steel surfaces

Differentiation of materials such as steel, aluminum, brass and copper

Monitoring the application of activators

Color and brightness control of LEDs

Quality control of painting processes

Monitoring of filling processes

Assembly control of sealing rings

Sorting of empties

and, and, and

Due to the use of fiber optics, the color sensors are even suitable for explosive areas. Last, but not least, our color sensors are also convincing at working distances ranging from almost 0mm to 1000mm with detection ranges from 0.5mm to 100mm in diameter.

You have not yet found the suitable sensor solution for your application? Then perhaps one of the color sensors in combination with the extremely powerful parameterization and evaluation software from ipf electronic can solve your problems. Convince yourself of the versatile application potentials or ask one of our specialists right away.

Binding type
Wire spine binding with 2 clamps
Print colors / finish
5/5-color Euroscale + matt varnish
Image print matt 170g/m²
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RoHS‑compliant Yes
Reach-compliant Yes
IPF Product Group 006 Print media
packaging dimensions 210 x 2.1 x 297mm
gross weight 78g
Customs tariff number 49111090
WEEE number 40951076