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High-speed camera systems for process tracking

Simple analysis of fast industrial processes

In many areas of industry that employ short cycle times, fast-running processes ensure reduced processing times and, thus, a high productivity. But what happens if an error or malfunction creeps into an application, the cause of which cannot be determined or simply cannot be reproduced due to the high process speed?

Production comes to a standstill, costs rise and – in the worst case – the result is complete scrap. Moreover, time is pressing, as the cause of the error must be determined as quickly as possible, especially if downstream production processes could be affected by the problem.

Another challenge is optimizing fast-running processes in a sustainable manner to increase production output and thereby gain the decisive boost in productivity. This is no easy task if the details of a production sequence on a system cannot be followed with the

naked eye and over a predefined time period.

Solve problems systematically, increase potential sustainably!

With the high-speed camera systems of the OC29 series (monochrome or color) from ipf electronic, you can track fast-running processes and thereby quickly determine the cause of possible error sources with little effort through a simple, targeted analysis. Or your productivity is simply increased by now truly identifying the decisive potentials in fast-running processes. The camera systems can communicate with common controls.

This puts you in the position to automate process observation and then isolate faults using PLC controls or identify other optimization possibilities in a more targeted manner.

Scan the QR code and learn about the performance capability of the systems from ipf electronic!

Binding type
Wire spine binding with 2 clamps
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5/5-color Euroscale + matt varnish
Image print matt 170g/m²
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ETIM-6.0 EC000000
ETIM-7.0 EC000000
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RoHS‑compliant Yes
Reach-compliant Yes
IPF Product Group 006 Print media
packaging dimensions 210 x 2.1 x 297mm
gross weight 78g
Customs tariff number 49111090
WEEE number 40951076