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Camera sensors OC53 a focus on your application

In many cases, the scope of applications for camera sensors is still being underestimated. Do you think otherwise? If so, maybe you should take a closer look at the new OC53 series of camera sensors from ipf electronic.

Are you looking for a camera sensor that can do nothing more and nothing less than your specific application requires? You will certainly find your 'specialist' cameras in our range. This is because the OC53 series consists of a range of variable camera sensors in five different embodiments with focal distances of 10mm (working distance: from 50mm to ...) to 16mm (working distance: from 70mm to 300mm). As a result of their wide range of graduated inspection features, these devices offer a range of functions which are especially orientated towards one thing – your specific needs.

Do you have a complex application for which you want to employ a solution which is both flexible and comprehensive? If so, we recommend that you take a look at our 'multitalent' from the OC53 series. With a C-mount connection and an integrated flash controller, with this device, you have a whole range of freedoms when selecting lenses and controlling external illumination via the sensor without any problems.

But this is not all: All camera sensors in the OC53 series offer certain interesting features with plenty of practical advantages. Curious to find out more? You will find out more on the next couple of pages!

Binding type
Wire spine binding with 2 clamps
Print colors / finish
5/5-color Euroscale + matt varnish
Image print matt 170g/m²
Page number
Classification Class
Property Value
RoHS‑compliant Yes
Reach-compliant Yes
IPF Product Group 006 Print media
packaging dimensions 210 x 3.1 x 297mm
gross weight 104g
Customs tariff number 49111090
WEEE number 40951076