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Customized sensor solutions in plant engineering

Practical application examples repeatedly demonstrate the importance of sensor technology for the smooth running of a wide variety of industrial processes. Already during the development of machines and plants, not only special solutions are often required here, but also development specialists with the corresponding application know-how.

H.O.M. GmbH, based in Arnsberg, has specialized in the customer-specific development and realization of measuring as well as sorting systems since 2008.

A straight component with regard to the high reliability of the systems is the sensor technology. "The choice of the right sensor solution in certain plant areas is decisive for a smooth inspection and sorting process," says André Humpert, Managing Director of H.O.M GmbH. For him, it is therefore not only obvious to obtain the entire sensor technology from a single source, but also to cooperate with partners who have extensive application know-how.

In the course of developing a special sorting system, ipf electronic's task was to identify suitable sensor solutions for the respective tasks within the sorting process and to implement them together with H.O.M. in such a way that reliable parts sorting into designated containers is ensured. This also applied to the system area where IO parts were to be discharged.

The complete application report can be found in the following PDF file.