Even more high-power lights!

ipf electronic offers a wide-ranging portfolio of additional camera lights that is constantly being developed further. Here are some of the latest innovations. Beam, surface and ring lights from ipf electronic are now optionally available with dustproof and waterproof protection. This means that the lights can even be used in demanding environmental conditions.


Small installation spaces require compact solutions: Thanks to the very small outer diameter of just 16mm, our new spotlights always find sufficient space even in confined installation situations.


The new spotlights from the ES16-series are available in two focal lengths:

ES160100 with 16mm optics for an application range of 10-500mm

ES160101 with 6mm optics for an application range of 1-200mm


The light from the spotlights can be focused via the lens and blurred if required. In addition, the lights can be used as usual in continuous, switching and flash mode thanks to the flash controller integrated in the cable.


The AO000656 holder is available for mounting and fine adjustment using adjusting screws, which also enables optimum thermal connection.


Ring light for fine-grained color control

The ER1D7530 ring light can be controlled via 4 channels using the AO000655 flash controller to precisely control 4 colors separately (red, green, blue and white). The light has an output of 11W and a working range of 100-300mm.


In addition to the individual color channels red (wavelength 625nm), green (wavelength 535nm) and blue (wavelength 465nm), white is available as a separate channel and can therefore not only be generated additively. This ensures a uniform spectral distribution for white, which provides additional brightness.


Segmented ring light for 3D inspections

The ER1D7130 ring light with a working range between 75-200mm has 4 quarter segments (colors: red, green, blue, white and infrared) that can be individually and therefore independently controlled via the AO000655 flash controller. This allows test objects to be illuminated from different angles and their three-dimensional properties to be assessed. A typical application for this is "shape-from-shading", a 3D method that measures inclination and curvature and is used in automated quality control, particularly for inline surface inspections.


Angled ring light shows the finest structures

The ER1A0170 ring light (colors: red, green, blue, white and infrared) with a direct incident light and a 45 degree internal angle enables optimum illumination of light surface and relief structures. With an output of 11W, the working range is 30-200mm.


New 4-channel flash controller for the DIN rail

Up to four LED channels can be controlled with the AO000655 flash controller. The controller is configured via a Modbus interface. A Windows-based client supports simple integration and parameterization of the controller and provides ready-made sequence modes for special applications such as "shape-from-shading“.


The LED controller offers a current-controlled mode for continuous light and a voltage-controlled mode for short, precise and powerful flashes. The 4 channels can be controlled separately or coupled. (sf)