Frame light barriers

New series with IO-Link interface


Capturing small, fast-moving objects? In free fall? And the position is unpredictable? Then a frame light barrier is the right solution. Seven models with active zones of different sizes have been part of our portfolio for many years. The standard equipment includes a potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment and pulse stretching as well as a rotary switch for switching between static and dynamic operating modes or normally open and normally closed functions for the push-pull switching output.


These features are retained in the new device series. The dimensions of the active zones have not changed either. However, the new housings are significantly more compact and also have an attractive industrial design thanks to the rounded corners. The electrical connection is still made via a 3-pin M8-connector.


Using the IO-Link interface, the new frame light barriers can be parameterized in even more diverse ways. This requires an IO-Link master (e.g. VY000005) and the appropriate software. This means that on and off delays of up to 10s can now be programmed for the switching output. The size of the objects to be detected can be set using the teach procedure or by directly entering a threshold value.


In addition, there are two further operating modes: „Peak value“ is used to distinguish and verify falling objects based on their size. The „Shading“ mode is again useful for presence, position and feature checks. Among other things, the switching output can be switched to „two values“ in this mode, whereby it becomes active at the higher threshold value and inactive again at the lower threshold value. In this way, simple web edge control can now be implemented, although in most cases the front crossbar of the frame light barrier has to be unscrewed for this. This is no problem with the new frame light barriers, as the transmitter and receiver can be perfectly adjusted to each other in the respective installation situation using the „Set reference value“ command. (gr)