Low-cost pressure and temperature transmitters

New compact solutions from ipf electronic


In the automotive sector and in industrial automation technology, preconfigured plug-and-play sensors are becoming increasingly important as solutions that are already prepared ex works. These sensors should be integrated directly into the respective system without major effort, which means that time-consuming and costly adjustment processes are no longer necessary. For this reason, ipf electronic has added new cost-effective pressure and temperature transmitters to its range.


The pressure transmitters of the DT24-series in a robust stainless steel housing (protection class IP68) with G1/4“ process connection and a ceramic measuring cell now complement the wide-ranging portfolio of pressure sensors from ipf electronic. With a length of 57mm and a diameter of 24mm, the sensors have an impressively compact design. The new device series is suitable for measuring all gaseous and liquid media of fluid group 2 (media that are neither explosive, flammable, oxidizing or toxic or very toxic). The measured values can be evaluated via an analog output (4-20mA). The sensors are connected via an M12-connector.


We currently offer the sensors in five different versions for different pressure ranges:



DT24310D0 ... 10bar

DT243103: 0 ... 40bar

DT243104: 0 ... 100bar

DT243105: 0 ... 250bar

DT243106: 0 ... 400bar


The temperature transmitters of the YT90-series with PT100 thermal resistance are another innovation. The all-in-one temperature sensors in stainless steel with a G1/2“ process connection also have an analog output (4-20mA) and are available in six versions with two sensor lengths for three different temperature ranges:


The temperature transmitters are currently available in six different versions:


YT900120, length: 50mm, measuring range: -50°C to +150° C

YT900121, length: 50mm, measuring range: -20° C to +120° C

YT900122, length: 50mm, measuring range: 0° C to +100° C

YT900220, length: 100mm, measuring range: -50°C to +150° C

YT900221, length: 100mm, measuring range: -20° C to +120° C

YT900222, length: 100mm, measuring range: 0° C to +100° C


Typical areas of application for the new temperature transmitters include cooling circuits, storage tanks, exhaust gas systems, extraction systems and ventilation systems. (bb).