PT49: it‘s back again!

For years, the PT49-series diffuse-reflection laser sensors with trianguation were considered a constant in ipf electronic‘s product range. In spring 2022, the devices had to be discontinued unexpectedly. The reason for this was the unexpected discontinuation of the production of important electronic components.


The electronics of the devices therefore had to be completely redeveloped. With regard to the supply of spare parts, we attached great importance to ensuring that both the external dimensions of the extremely robust metal housing and the front panel made of scratch-resistant glass remained unchanged.


The devices, which can be parameterized directly or taught externally, can still be set in a sensing range of 50-550mm. As the direct successor to the PT490370, the PT499370 has the usual precise light spot with a diameter of 1.5mm across the entire range.


As the successor to the PT490375, the PT499375 projects a laser line with an almost continuous height of 1.04mm maximum.

A new function is the option of dynamic teach-in for fast movement sequences.


The devices in the PT49-series are ideal for precise detection in very harsh environmental conditions. The PT499375 with line optics, for example, is ideal for detecting objects with rough or structured surfaces. The sensors can also reliably overcome the challenges associated with very shiny objects. For this reason, the new devices have again been assigned to laser protection class 2. (mo)