Logic module - Logic modules


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Logic module, 27x150x31mm, AND, 2x5fold, 10-30V DC, -30-85°C, sensor side M8 Female (socket) 3pin, control side M12 Male (connector) 5pin, IP67, Plastic

Logic module - Logic modules

Connecting digital signals directly at the machine can contribute to significant cost and effort minimization. A classic application is the linking of different signals directly in the field. Thus, it is possible to avoid long line paths of many individual devices, which significantly reduces the wiring effort and the need for control inputs. All input signals on the logic modules are visualized by integrated LED and are electrically decoupled from each other. In this way, influences from one device to the other are reliably prevented. The outputs of the modules are overload-proof and the upcoming signal is also indicated by an LED. In addition to logical input signal connections such as AND and OR, versions with signal change control are also available. The ipf logic modules are available for DIN rail mounting or as field modules. Therefor and because of the robust housing, which is characterized by a high degree of protection against the penetration of dust and water, our devices can be used in all areas of machines, equipment and tools.

Electrical properties

Number of inputs per logic unit
Number of electrical connections, A connection
Number of electrical connections, B connection
Number of logic units
Type of A electrical connection
Connector M8
Type of B electrical connection
Connector M12
Rated switching current
Number of pins of A connection
Number of pins of B connection
Operating voltage (DC)
10 - 30V
Output logic
A1 = E1 ∧ E3 ∧ E5 ∧ E7 ∧ E9, A2 = E2 ∧ E4 ∧ E6 ∧ E8, A3 = E1 ∧ E2 ∧ E3 ∧ E4 ∧ E5 ∧ E6 ∧ E7 ∧ E8 ∧ E9 ∧ E10
LED display

Mechanical properties

Mounting method
Screw mounting
Degree of protection (IP)
Housing material

Other properties

Ambient temperature
-30 - 85°C
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Classification Class
eClass-7.0 27242216
eClass-7.1 27242216
eClass-8.0 27242216
eClass-9.0 27242216
eClass-9.1 27242216
ETIM-6.0 EC001417
ETIM-7.0 EC001417
Property Value
RoHS‑compliant Yes
Reach-compliant Yes
OzDS-compliant Yes
POP-compliant Yes
TSCA-compliant Yes
SCIP number 6b5dcbaa-4d3b-4e4e-a6f4-d7da4e41bc3c
IPF Product Group 800 miscellaneous
packaging dimensions 150 x 28 x 200mm
gross weight 138g
Customs tariff number 85365005
WEEE number 40951076