Not only sensitive, but also precise

Sensor solution for level control with special features

The economic efficiency of automated production depends above all on reliable production processes. In this context, however, it is often not the machines or systems themselves that cause problems, but rather their periphery, e.g. in the level control of coolants or lubricants, which are usually located in separate containers in the immediate vicinity of the actual production process for the continuous supply of a system. There is a whole range of sensor solutions for inquiring filling levels or media levels, the selection of which depends primarily on the material or medium to be detected and the environmental conditions. For example, in automatic material feed via vibratory bowls on machines, the material flow can be inquired with level sensors in which an inductive proximity switch is actuated via a pendulum when it is no longer moved by the material in the bowl. Conductive filling level relays, on the other hand, are suitable for detecting conductive media, mainly water-based, e.g. cooling emulsions, waste water or material baths in galvanic plants. Such solutions consist of a reference electrode and one or more meter electrodes between which the resistance of the medium to be controlled is measured. When the medium makes a conductive connection between the meter electrode and the reference electrode, the relay output switches.

The complete application report can be found in the following PDF file.