Sensors for harsh enviroments

When sensors are depicted in applications, they are often seen from their ''best side'', i.e. mostly in a clean environment. However, the reality often looks different, with extreme dust and dirt reflecting only a few environmental conditions that the devices are actually confronted with in tough practical use.

There are several good reasons why the sensor solutions from ipf electronic are nevertheless indestructible and always work safely and reliably despite extreme operating conditions, just a few of which are mentioned here: the selection of particularly robust housing materials, the targeted protection of the sensitive electronics, e.g. through full encapsulation, special design-related measures at the installation location of the sensors, and generally the high-quality workmanship of the overall solution, which was sometimes developed as a special device particularly for the requirements of an application.

This whitepaper offers insights into the rough everyday practice of various industries and shows sensors from ipf electronic as they are encountered in concrete applications after some time in use. The numerous examples impressively demonstrate the extreme environmental conditions that the devices based on different technologies have to withstand and at the same time underline the durability of the robust solutions.