Reliable double sheet control with line sensor

So that only one sheet is included in the process.

The automotive industry is known for its high degree of automation. Nevertheless, there are always process areas here as well where practice sets clear limits to the declared will for automation.

This was the case for a well-known automotive manufacturer who wanted to use a robot to pick up a car body part from a stack of sheet metal. The problem: How do you ensure that the robot reliably picks up a sheet from a stack using vacuum technology if the sheets have residues of oil and can therefore stick to each other when picked up by the robot?

To ensure smooth further processing in the automation process, a double sheet check would have to be carried out by means of sensors. However, several tests with different systems did not bring the desired success.

After a thorough analysis of the application, however, the specialists at ipf electronic achieved the breakthrough with a line sensor of the OY340145 series.

The complete application report can be found in the following PDF file.