Mechanical sensors - Analog


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sensor mechanical, analog, M12x1 127lang, 24V DC, Sn:-5-5mm, 0-10V, M12 connector 4pin, stainless steel
including 2x Nut

Mechanical sensors - Analog

These mechanical position sensors are measuring systems that operate on the principle of the differential transformer, a special form of transformer. It consists of a primary coil and two secondary coils. The primary coil is symmetrically arranged between the secondary coils. A movable soft iron core changes the coupling factors between the coils. When it is in the center position, the arrangement is symmetrical and the resulting voltage of the secondary coils is 0. When the core is displaced, there is unequal magnetic coupling and an output voltage on the secondary coils.

With the aid of an electronic evaluation circuit, a length-proportional analog voltage signal (0 ... 10V) is generated from this; in the center position, the measurable output voltage is 5V.

The life of such a sensor is almost unlimited due to the non-contacting measuring method. In addition, the measured value is retained even in the event of interruption of the supply voltage.

Electrical properties

Type of analog output
0 - 10V
Type of electrical connection
Connector M12
No-load current
Linearity deviation
Number of pins
Measurement principle
Differential transformer
Operating voltage (DC)
19.2 - 28.8V
Measuring range
-5 - 5mm

Mechanical properties

Cylinder, screw-thread
Thread length
Thread pitch
Degree of protection (IP)
Housing material
Stainless steel
Thread dimension

Other properties

Ambient temperature
-25 - 85°C
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Classification Class
eClass-7.0 27279090
eClass-7.1 27279090
eClass-8.0 27279090
eClass-9.0 27279090
eClass-9.1 27279090
ETIM-6.0 EC000000
ETIM-7.0 EC000000
Property Value
RoHS‑compliant Yes
Reach-compliant Yes
IPF Product Group 690 diverse sensors
packaging dimensions 145 x 45 x 248mm
gross weight 151g
Customs tariff number 90318020
WEEE number 40951076